Girth in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Girth

the distance measured around an object

Examples of Girth in a sentence

According to the records, the girth of Sylvia’s waist was the smallest in the state at only eighteen inches. đź”Š

A ruler was needed in class in order for the students to measure the girth of the circular cans to determine which can was 6 inches.  đź”Š

After the lumberjack sawed the tree off leaving a stump, measurement of the tree’s girth revealed to be the largest size in the area. đź”Š

The girth of the boa constrictor’s mouth confirmed the zoo witnesses’ beliefs that the snake could devour the bird in one gulp.  đź”Š

Because the prom dress could not be worn by the teenager due to her girth being larger than the fabric bought, she ended up crying.  đź”Š

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