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Definition of Bucolic

relating to the countryside

Examples of Bucolic in a sentence

The postcard image was beautiful and featured a bucolic white house in a dark green pasture. 🔊

My husband and I chose a peaceful bucolic town in the country for our summer retreat. 🔊

Even though I was born in the city, I still prefer the quiet of a small bucolic village any day. 🔊

When I was younger, I dreamed of living in a bucolic cabin near a calming creek. 🔊

There is something about inhaling the bucolic scents of the green outdoors that makes you feel younger. 🔊

Because I am a city girl, I cannot wait to get away from this farm and this bucolic lifestyle! 🔊

Sadly, big corporations do not seem to care about destroying bucolic environments to build big buildings. 🔊

While I live in the city now, I grew up in a bucolic little town filled with valleys and hills. 🔊

I could not believe my sister's vision of the perfect life included a bucolic house in the middle of nowhere. 🔊

The charming people of this town are just as much a part of the bucolic setting as the Southern mansions are. 🔊

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