Hemisphere in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Hemisphere

one half of the Earth, especially one of the halves north and south of the equator

Examples of Hemisphere in a sentence

While looking at a map for my vacation, I realized that Panama was just barely in the northern hemisphere so I would need to pack comfortable summer clothing  🔊

As I crossed into the southern hemisphere on my tour of the word, I noticed the weather was getting much cooler as I moved further away from the equator.  🔊

Without being aware of his location, Christopher Columbus crossed into the western hemisphere after passing the prime meridian line near England.  🔊

Since Antarctica was known for being cold, Betty instantly believed that it was located in the north but realized it is located in the southern hemisphere.  🔊

When I traveled to Germany into the eastern hemisphere, I had extreme jet leg due to the time zone difference of ten hours.  🔊

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