Calculated in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Calculated

referring to an action committed with full awareness of its consequences

Examples of Calculated in a sentence

When you weigh the pros and cons of an action before doing it, you are taking a calculated risk, with full understanding of the implications of your decision.  🔊

Having determined that the rewards would be better than the costs, the company took a calculated risk and replaced one of their old products with a newer one.  🔊

My best friend thought it would be cool to cannonball onto a frozen lake, proving that he had clearly not calculated the potential for a very painful landing.  🔊

I calculated the cost of buying a surplus bag of candy, and deduced that I could still make a profit by selling them to my classmates for just a little more.  🔊

The General calculated the potential payoff for the tactical maneuver he was considering, but he also weighed the risks and potential loss if it failed.  🔊

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