Itinerant in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Itinerant

moving around from location to location

Examples of Itinerant in a sentence

The documentary follows the life of an itinerant homeless man who never sleeps in a location more than once.  🔊

Because Stan is an itinerant farm worker who follows the crops, he will not be in our neighborhood much longer.  🔊

Jane is an itinerant teacher who travels between schools teaching special education students.  🔊

Although my father is in the military, he is not an itinerant traveller because he has been stationed at the same base for twenty years.  🔊

Jim loves the itinerant lifestyle of a musician because of the opportunities he has to travel from city to city.  🔊

After spending fifteen years as an itinerant preacher at other pastors’ churches, John finally has his own house of worship.  🔊

The itinerant sailor gave up his life on the ocean when he fell in love with a beautiful waitress in a small town.  🔊

Because the traveling salesman hated his itinerant lifestyle, he was happy to be nearing his age of retirement.  🔊

Elana’s book discusses the itinerant life she has lived as a gypsy.  🔊

Since Alan is an itinerant airline worker, he is very familiar with living out of hotel rooms.  🔊

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