The Cat's Pajamas in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of The Cat's Pajamas

something that is exceptional, excellent, or amazing

Examples of The Cat's Pajamas in a sentence

When I introduced my great grandmother to the internet, she said it was the Cat’s Pajamas, which apparently means it’s awesome.  🔊

If something is so amazing you can’t contain your excitement, you could say that it is the Cat’s Pajamas.  🔊

When describing how cool the Grand Canyon is, my Dad called it the Cat’s Pajamas, proving just how old he is.  🔊

I have no idea where the term ‘the Cat’s Pajamas’ came from, but apparently it used to mean that something was amazing or cool.  🔊

In my opinion it makes sense to call something incredible ‘the Cat’s Pajamas,’ as it is almost impossible to get cats to wear clothes.  🔊

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