Bauble in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Bauble

a cheap showy ornament or piece of jewelry

Examples of Bauble in a sentence

At first I thought that the trinkets sold on the island had value, but I then realized that they were nothing other than worthless bauble. 🔊

The haughty Russian tour guide spoke of the Constitution as if it were merely bauble, irritating the Americans in the crowd.  🔊

I paid several hundred dollars for some Swarovski bauble that probably costed the company less than twenty bucks to produce. 🔊

Like an idiot I told Laura that her brand name earrings were cheap showy bauble, ruining her day.  🔊

Sotheby’s sold a French piece of art for millions, although to me it looked like some bauble scribbled by a two-year old.  🔊

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