Chiaroscuro in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Chiaroscuro

an artistic image emphasizing the brightness and darkness while de-emphasizing color

Examples of Chiaroscuro in a sentence

Art critics at the art gallery admired the chiaroscuro of the black and white photograph since the shade covered everything but the bright eyes of the woman.  🔊

While drawing the picture of the child with a dark pencil, the illustrator wanted to create a chiaroscuro in her masterpiece by creating shadows to highlight the child’s cheek.  🔊

To encourage the observer of the artwork to focus on the horse’s face, the artist darkened with body of the animal while lighting up the face using the approach of a chiaroscuro.  🔊

Using dark black charcoals and a strong eraser, the artist sketched a chiaroscuro with accenting one side of the fruit in a spotlight with the rest of the fruit remaining in the dark.  🔊

The religious artist wanted to use a chiaroscuro in his illustration by creating a focus using bright white paints to accentuate the praying hands with the face being in the darkness.  🔊

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