Gossamer in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Gossamer

a light and thin material

Examples of Gossamer in a sentence

Through Carla’s gossamer sleeves, we could see her thin arms. 🔊

Jan’s white gossamer scarf was practically transparent. 🔊

On Halloween night, our porch will be decorated with see-through gossamer ghosts. 🔊

The bride tantalized her new husband by wearing a clear gossamer gown on their wedding night. 🔊

At the funeral, the weeping widow wore a gossamer veil so she could observe the proceedings without being clearly seen. 🔊

Danielle’s parents were upset when they caught her wearing a gossamer shirt with nothing beneath it. 🔊

Because I love sunlight, I only have gossamer curtains in my home. 🔊

Jane will wear a white sheath under her gossamer wedding dress so she will not appear indecent. 🔊

When the butterfly landed on my arm, I could almost see through its gossamer wings. 🔊

In the sunlight, the spider’s gossamer web appeared translucent. 🔊

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