Chirp in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Chirp

a short, high-pitched sound

Examples of Chirp in a sentence

Nothing irritates me more than a bird that wants to constantly chirp outside of my window in the morning, ruining my sleep.  🔊

Birdsong is really just one bird trying to chirp to his fellows in some conversation or another, but apparently their voices are just more musical than ours.  🔊

The chirp of cicadas can mostly be heard during the warmer months of the year, since they only come out of the ground when it has grown especially warm.  🔊

The pigeons I was feeding in the park would chirp at me any time I slacked in providing them with bread to eat.  🔊

There is a bird that nests on top of my house, that constantly likes to chirp at me whenever I walk out the front door.  🔊

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