Sonorous in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Sonorous

able to produce a deep sound

Examples of Sonorous in a sentence

Even without a microphone, the singer’s sonorous voice filled the entire room. 🔊

Because Hank has a sonorous pleasant-sounding voice, he is often paid to narrate television commercials. 🔊

I wear earplugs so my husband’s sonorous snoring does not keep me awake at night. 🔊

When the doctors heard the patient’s sonorous breathing, they knew he needed oxygen immediately. 🔊

Santa Claus’ sonorous laugh could be heard across the huge toyshop. 🔊

Unfortunately, our neighbor likes to wake us up with the sonorous sound of his trumpet. 🔊

The lion’s sonorous rumble startled the small children in the zoo. 🔊

When a sonorous sound came from the volcano, the residents of the village knew it was time to evacuate the area. 🔊

The town crier had a loud sonorous voice that was easily heard throughout the town. 🔊

More than anything, the deaf girl wished she could hear the sonorous sound of the tuba. 🔊

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