Clause in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Clause

a separate part of a contract or other binding document that gives more information

Examples of Clause in a sentence

The plaintiff asked the judge to look at the last clause of her lease which she believed proved that she had given her landlady enough time to find a new tenant.  🔊

Once the new candidate read the clause in the job contract pertaining to an overtime requirement, he quickly withdrew his name from the job pool.  🔊

When the disgruntled homeowner realized that she failed to read the clause in the handyman’s contract about using his own materials for the project, she knew there was nothing else she could do.  🔊

The fine print in the last clause of the purchase agreement stated that the buyer was purchasing the car as-is and could not demand repairs later.  🔊

In the United States, it is a person’s right to have free speech but a clause does exist about certain exceptions to that law.  🔊

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