Collection in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Collection

an assembly of items that are perceived as having cultural value, acquired as a set by a collector

Examples of Collection in a sentence

My dad has a collection of old books he considers to be classics, many of which are series that I’ve never even heard of. 🔊

Back when I was a kid, it seemed like everyone was determined to own a complete collection of baseball cards, though admittedly some of them would be worth a lot of money today. 🔊

I always loved going to my grandfather’s house as a kid, as he had the complete collection of all the original Star Wars movies. 🔊

There are lots of people that would like to own a complete collection of a novelty item, but it’s expensive to buy old artwork, books, or films. 🔊

I’m almost positive that somewhere in the world, a rich billionaire has a collection of every Lamborghini model ever made. 🔊

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