Complacent in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Complacent

pleased; overly content

Examples of Complacent in a sentence

1. I am rightfully not complacent with low quality service. 🔉

2. If 1,000 signatures on this petition doesn't satisfy you, then how many will make you complacent? 🔉

3. Although Chuck wanted an 'A' in the class, he was complacent with a 'B'. 🔉

4. How can you be complacent living with four loud-barking dogs? 🔉

5. Picky eaters are never complacent unless you fully cater to their tastes. 🔉

6. One clueless investor got too complacent with the financial risks of funding a start-up company. 🔉

7. I am complacent with the truth, not lies. 🔉

8. To Lynn, having a Christmas card from her children would make her complacent enough. 🔉

9. Complacent with her weight loss, Grace decided to buy new clothes. 🔉

10. A slice of pizza does little to curb my hunger, but four slices would make me complacent. 🔉

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