Compulsory in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Compulsory

not having an option; required

Examples of Compulsory in a sentence

Because education is not compulsory in all countries, there are many children who do not attend school.  🔊

It is compulsory that people show identification before being allowed to board a commercial aircraft.  🔊

In order to be an Olympic participant, an athlete must be willing to submit to compulsory drug testing.  🔊

These days most employers perform a compulsory background check before extending a job offer.  🔊

To become a certified teacher, Bridgett had to take several compulsory tests given out by the state board of teachers.  🔊

Animal activists are in favor of a compulsory prison sentence for anyone who kills members of endangered species.  🔊

When the students learned about another compulsory test they needed to pass in order to graduate, they were very unhappy.  🔊

All new employees must attend the compulsory orientation.  🔊

In some states, there is a compulsory emissions test that must be performed before an automobile tag can be renewed.  🔊

If your child has not met the compulsory vaccination requirements, he or she will not be allowed to attend public school.  🔊

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