Elocution in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Elocution

the way in which an individual reads or speaks in front of others

Examples of Elocution in a sentence

During the play, the actor’s elocution was so magnificent the audience grew bored whenever he was not on stage. 🔊

My mother was a professor of elocution who taught politicians and other important individuals how to speak in front of large groups. 🔊

Before I took lessons in elocution, I was an awful speaker. 🔊

Ellen will need to work on her elocution before she competes in the public speaking competition. 🔊

In the finishing school, all young ladies must take a class that focuses on elocution so they have the skills necessary to hold proper conversations. 🔊

It was obvious from Jim’s poor elocution he had no formal training as a public speaker. 🔊

Because Marilyn’s elocution is excellent, she has been selected to introduce the guest speaker. 🔊

The immigrant’s elocution of the English language was very difficult for me to understand. 🔊

Since the teacher is grading our presentations mainly on elocution, I am going to rehearse my speech several times. 🔊

The scam artist’s elocution was flawless and allowed him to quickly talk the old man into purchasing the nonexistent property. 🔊

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