Cough in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Cough

to sharply dispel air from the lungs, usually when something is lodged in the throat or irritating it

Examples of Cough in a sentence

The child choked for a moment on his hot dog, but after a cough or two he managed to dislodge the piece of meat that endangered him. 🔊

With the sore throat I had, I would cough every few minutes, running the risk of waking up my parents late at night. 🔊

If your throat is feeling itchy, you will probably cough to try and scratch that itch as best you can. 🔊

While it is rude to not cover your mouth when you sneeze, it is also rude to cough without covering your mouth. 🔊

Because I accidentally swallowed the water in my cup the wrong way, I had to cough to clear my throat. 🔊

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