Cradle in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Cradle

a rocking infant’s bed that usually has sides

Examples of Cradle in a sentence

After singing a lullaby while swinging the baby in his cradle, Baby Bobby quickly fell asleep. 🔊

Once the new mother got off of work, she went straight to her son’s cradle at home swinging it as she watched him. 🔊

While pregnant with her first child, Sylvia began to assemble the cradle for her baby to nap in by affixing the curved pieces to the bottom of the structure. 🔊

Since the baby drooled onto the bedding of her cradle during her afternoon nap, Sally removed the bedding so she could wash it. 🔊

Pediatricians recommend placing the sleeping baby on its back in its cradle so that it doesn’t choke if it spits up. 🔊

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