Defoliant in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Defoliant

a synthetic spray applied to trees or plants in order for the leaves to fall off of them

Examples of Defoliant in a sentence

Almost all of the leaves were lying on the ground since it had been doused with a defoliant in a short period of time.  🔊

As a prank the teenagers found a can of defoliant to spray on the neighbor’s prize-winning plants which made them bare.  🔊

Once the defoliant took action, it was only a matter of an hour before you could see almost completely through the trees’ branches.  🔊

The only explanation one could give for all of the leafless trees during springtime was that a defoliant had been sprayed on them.  🔊

In order for the soldiers to have a good view of their enemy, they used a defoliant on all of the trees and plants around them.  🔊

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