Demesne in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Demesne

land attached to a manor that was used by the lord and not the peasants (workers)

Examples of Demesne in a sentence

Staring out at his demesne, the lord of the castle was in awe of all the land that he had acquired.  🔊

The lord decided to rent out his demesne in an attempt to get even more money from the peasants.  🔊

Because he served him faithfully, the king granted several acres of demesne to the baron for his personal use.  🔊

Several parcels of land were granted as a demesne for the lord of the land and his family to live on.  🔊

Some of the wealthy land owners would lease out their demesne and allowed the serfs to live and work the land.  🔊

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