Site in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Site

a place where a specific event has occurred

Examples of Site in a sentence

Stalingrad is the site of one of the most heated battles of World War Two’s eastern front, with massive casualties for both the Germans and the Russians. 🔊

Alamogordo, New Mexico is the site of the very first nuclear detonation, a bomb that was dubbed ‘Trinity’ by the scientists of the Manhattan Project. 🔊

Most historians are confused as to what the purpose of Stonehenge was, as the only thing that is obvious is that it was a site for something important. 🔊

That massive expanse of dirt is the site of a new construction project, where Amazon is going to build a new large warehouse for their company.  🔊

Nagisaki and Hiroshima are both the site of a nuclear detonation, the first and only times when atom bombs were used in combat.  🔊

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