Devious in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Devious

underhanded; insincere

Examples of Devious in a sentence

When Sheila learned the young man had married her ninety-year-old mother, she knew he had devious plans. 🔊

Everyone expected the mean wrestler to do something devious to his opponent during the match. 🔊

After conducting an investigation, the detective was able to uncover the devious plot devised by the victim’s daughter. 🔊

Alan realized the only way he could win the survival game was by being as devious as his fellow competitors. 🔊

When Dean gave me a devious grin, I knew he was going to do something I did not like. 🔊

Keith was shot while conducting a drug deal with a devious man. 🔊

Because the devious salesman wanted to make his sales quota, he began to lie to potential customers about the benefits of his product. 🔊

Diane had devious motives for inviting her rival to her birthday party. 🔊

When the principal discovered the students’ devious plan to cheat on the math exam, she suspended everyone involved. 🔊

The gambler’s devious plot to rig the slot machines was quickly uncovered by security. 🔊

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