Dumbfounded in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Dumbfounded

astonished and speechless

Examples of Dumbfounded in a sentence

When my intelligent daughter announced she was going to marry a prison inmate, I was dumbfounded. 🔊

The audience was dumbfounded when the singer walked on stage and then left without singing a word. 🔊

Because Frank considers reality shows to be incredibly stupid, he is dumbfounded by the commercial success of these programs. 🔊

Even the experienced critic was dumbfounded after watching what he called the worst movie ever. 🔊

When John met his favorite celebrity, he was so dumbfounded he could not remember his own name. 🔊

Since Helen was dumbfounded by the filthy condition of the hotel room, she asked to speak with a manager. 🔊

The old miner was dumbfounded by the sight of the gold in the abandoned mine. 🔊

Because Gina had not looked at her class notes for days, she was dumbfounded when the teacher handed out a pop quiz. 🔊

The doctors were dumbfounded when the patient survived after being shot twelve times. 🔊

When the stranger asked me to marry him, I was completely dumbfounded. 🔊

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