Ecological footprint in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Ecological footprint

the extent of the power or resources used from the Earth that is used by a person or thing

Examples of Ecological footprint in a sentence

To determine the ecological footprint of the coal company in the West Virginia mines, the amount of coal used to warm houses had staggering numbers. 🔊

Environmental activists were concerned over the ecological footprint of the amount of natural gas being used every day without much thought for this nonrenewable resource. 🔊

The increase in the use of solar panels has decreased according to the ecological footprint set by electric companies. 🔊

Due to the ecological footprint showing how much wood is being used on earth, the use of wind power was persuaded to power the homes in the cities. 🔊

As a renewable resource, water power allows a water mill to drive the electricity within the building instead of increasing the amount of ecological footprint of oil. 🔊

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