Emancipate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Emancipate

to give freedom to someone

Examples of Emancipate in a sentence

As my father walked me down the aisle, he told me he was happy to emancipate me so I could live my own life.  🔊

My teenage son stopped asking me to emancipate him when he realized the ruling would require him to pay his own bills.  🔊

Even before slavery officially ended, my relatives made the decision to emancipate all their slaves so they could live freely.  🔊

Computer technology has done a great deal to emancipate office workers from tedious jobs.  🔊

After the judge reviews the evidence, he will decide whether or not he wants to emancipate you by voiding your prison sentence.  🔊

Meryl was excited about her upcoming divorce hearing that would finally emancipate her.  🔊

When the youngest son became the lord of the manor, he made the decision to emancipate the serfs and gave each worker a free plot of land.  🔊

My grandmother finally purchased a vacuum to emancipate herself from hours of sweeping.  🔊

Because the sixteen-year-old boy felt he was responsible enough to live on his own, he asked a judge to emancipate him.  🔊

When the president signs the document, it will immediately emancipate all of the slaves and make them free people.  🔊

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