Bowdlerize in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Bowdlerize

to delete or change the parts of a text that are viewed as offensive

Examples of Bowdlerize in a sentence

If you do not want to offend your teacher with that profane language, you should bowdlerize the story before handing it in for a grade.  🔊

The writer has to bowdlerize his offensive article if he wants it published in the Christian magazine.  🔊

Since the studio feels my film is too racy, it has asked me to bowdlerize the movie so it will be family-friendly.  🔊

The arrogant writer could not believe someone wanted him to bowdlerize his novel by changing some of the unpleasant language.  🔊

Because the comedian was going to speak to an audience of children, he knew he had to bowdlerize his mature speech.  🔊

The book was so upsetting it would take the author months to bowdlerize it and make it fit for sensitive eyes.  🔊

When my church leader asked me to bowdlerize the section of the fairy tale that mentioned a witch, he completely shocked me with his close-minded views.  🔊

The sound engineer will bowdlerize the song to ensure it is free of vulgar language before playing it at the religious event.  🔊

Before my conservative sister brings a magazine into her home, she will bowdlerize it by tearing out the offensive pages.  🔊

The editor must bowdlerize the R-rated film before it can be played on a family network.  🔊

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