Encompasses in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Encompasses

to include or comprise something

Examples of Encompasses in a sentence

Emily's job encompasses a wide range of tasks and responsibilities.  🔊

The artist's work encompasses a variety of mediums and styles, reflecting her eclectic interests and influences.  🔊

The organization's mission encompasses the promotion of social justice and equality.  🔊

Samantha's research project encompasses multiple disciplines and fields of study.  🔊

The comprehensive study encompasses a wide range of topics and perspectives within the field.  🔊

The city's transportation system encompasses a network of buses, trains, and bike lanes.  🔊

The park's landscape encompasses forests, lakes, and hiking trails.  🔊

The study encompasses a large sample size, providing more accurate results.  🔊

The field of psychology encompasses many different theories and approaches.  🔊

The company's mission encompasses its goals and values.  🔊

The museum's exhibit encompasses the history of the region from ancient times to present day.  🔊

The government's policy encompasses a variety of measures and initiatives to address the issue.  🔊

Emily's book encompasses her experiences and insights from her travels around the world.  🔊

The museum's collection encompasses art, history, and culture from around the world.  🔊

The conference's agenda encompasses a range of speakers, workshops, and networking events.  🔊

The new policy encompasses many different changes and improvements.  🔊

John's collection of art encompasses many different styles and periods.  🔊

The new law encompasses many different regulations and provisions.  🔊

The school's curriculum encompasses a diverse range of subjects and activities.  🔊

The company's product line encompasses a wide range of items and accessories.  🔊

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