Billingsgate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Billingsgate

harshly offensive and rude talking

Examples of Billingsgate in a sentence

Due to the billingsgate coming from the mouth of the disrespectful student to his teacher, the boy was suspended for a few days.  🔊

As the restaurant customer’s anger grew due to the rookie server’s mistakes, the customer began to release the billingsgate of insults in the direction of the server.  🔊

Bringing me to tears due to her billingsgate of curse words, I knew I would not speak to that girl ever again.  🔊

Since the billingsgate on the defendant’s Facebook account wasn’t deleted, the plaintiff proved to the judge how verbal abusive the defendant could be.  🔊

After getting fired for no reason, the ex-employee fired a barrage of billingsgate at his former boss with ugly and rude comments.  🔊

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