Encounters in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Encounters

a term used to describe any kind of meeting or interaction between two or more people

Examples of Encounters in a sentence

The spacecraft encounters unexpected technical difficulties during its mission to Mars.  🔊

The writer encounters a range of emotions and experiences while working on her novel.  🔊

As a traveler, Mary often encounters interesting people and cultures.  🔊

Sarah encounters many challenges in her job as a firefighter.  🔊

Isaac encounters a variety of interesting people during his travels around the world.  🔊

During his daily walk, Tom encounters all sorts of animals and plants.  🔊

As a police officer, Lucy encounters all kinds of people in her daily work.  🔊

As a teacher, I often encounter students who are struggling with the material and need extra support and guidance.  🔊

David's job as a diplomat often brings him into encounters with foreign leaders.  🔊

The adventurer encounters a variety of landscapes and environments during his expedition.  🔊

The salesperson encounters many potential customers each day, some of whom are interested in making a purchase.  🔊

Olivia encounters many challenges as she navigates the corporate world as a young, female executive.  🔊

The company encounters stiff competition from other businesses in the industry.  🔊

Emily encounters many obstacles as she trains for the marathon.  🔊

The new employee encountered a steep learning curve as she adapted to the company's policies and procedures.  🔊

Samantha encounters a variety of weather conditions on her daily bike ride.  🔊

The firefighter encounters dangerous situations on a daily basis while on the job.  🔊

As a journalist, Jake often encounters people who are hesitant to speak with him or share their stories.  🔊

The new teacher encounters a diverse group of students with different learning abilities and needs.  🔊

While hiking in the forest, Rebecca encounters a bear and quickly retreats to a safe distance.  🔊

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