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Although soliciting donations to help rebuild the orphanage took a lot of time and energy, in the end everyone agreed it had been a very worthwhile endeavor. 🔊

The council approved a city-wide endeavor to conserve water by planting drought-tolerant plants.  🔊

Jennifer threw a party to celebrate the success of her husband’s latest business endeavor. 🔊

Writing your thesis will probably be the most labor-intensive scholarly endeavor you’ll undergo as you prepare for your Master’s degree.  🔊

The manuscript for the musical was a collaborative endeavor that included two writers, a composer, and a lyricist.  🔊

If you agree to chair the committee, we will endeavor to provide you with all the support you need.  🔊

If you would only endeavor to understand my point of view, we could save a lot of time making this decision.  🔊

Andrew promised himself that every day he would endeavor to stay focused on achieving his goal of participating in the Iron Man competition.  🔊

Despite the emotional turmoil she was feeling, Betty forced herself to endeavor to appear neutral.  🔊

If you endeavor to conceal the evidence of your crime, you will look even guiltier.  🔊

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