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Definition of Sinecure

a position that requires no work but still gives a payment; a cushy job

Examples of Sinecure in a sentence

Even thought we all thought of the job as a sinecure, Jane took her position very seriously and always worked late into the evening. 🔊

Dr. Phillips will receive a nice title but will not have to do much teaching as a sinecure in our university’s history department. 🔊

Since John’s father owns the company, John has been named a sinecure in the business although he knows nothing about the firm. 🔊

The elderly man’s position as vice-president is a sinecure that only exists as a tribute for his sixty years of company service. 🔊

Even a small child could manage the role of a sinecure because it requires no actual skill or effort. 🔊

Once Frank learned about the excessive amount of work he was required to do in the company, he realized his position was not a sinecure. 🔊

Because the senior professor holds a sinecure at this college, he can pass most of his work off to the less experienced educators. 🔊

Since Ben takes pride in working hard, it is not surprising he turned down his grandfather’s offer of a sinecure at the family firm. 🔊

As Jan is not a fan of getting her hands dirty, she did not hesitate to accept the sinecure that would allow her to sit at a desk and supervise others. 🔊

In the European country, the title of king is a sinecure because the person who bears it has no official power. 🔊

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