Evergreen in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Evergreen

describes a plant that stays green throughout the entire year

Examples of Evergreen in a sentence

Even during the winter, and evergreen tree still keeps its green leaves or pines, never losing them to the cold. 🔊

An evergreen plant will stay alive all year round, not dying or hibernating during the winter but simply staying strong throughout it. 🔊

There is an evergreen tree in our backyard that never goes brown during the year, staying green through all four seasons. 🔊

There is a handful of evergreen plants in the world, but the most common ones are evergreen trees, which keep their green foliage all year round.  🔊

While the leaves of many trees die during the winter, the leaves or needles of an evergreen tree do not, staying healthy and green even in the winter.  🔊

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