Conduction in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Conduction

the process by which sound waves travel through another material

Examples of Conduction in a sentence

The conduction of sound through the air is what allows us to hear all of the noise around us, since we wouldn’t hear anything if the sound didn’t travel to our ears from its source.  🔊

Conduction occurs whenever someone speaks, as the sound waves from their mouth travel through the molecules in the air and into our ears.  🔊

Though sound traveling through the air is the most common example of conduction, it happens when sound travels through a solid surface like the wall of a room as well.  🔊

When you knock on a door to see if anyone is home, you are experiencing conduction first hand, sending the sound waves of your impact through the wooden door frame and into the home beyond.  🔊

Conduction is a phenomenon that occurs in water as well as air, but sound waves travel more slowly through water molecules.  🔊

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