Extenuating in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Extenuating

to lessen the seriousness of a wrong act

Examples of Extenuating in a sentence

1. The court reduced the criminal’s sentence because of extenuating circumstances. 🔉

2. When reviewing applications, the college admissions board takes into account extenuating factors such as economic background and race. 🔉

3. Under extenuating conditions, even the strictest professor will allow a student to turn in late work. 🔉

4. There are no extenuating factors which would ever make me forgive you for cheating on me! 🔉

5. While there may be extenuating circumstances, there is no excuse for murder. 🔉

6. Because there were extenuating conditions affecting the football player’s outrageous behavior, the coach did not kick him off the team. 🔉

7. The convicted killer was awarded a retrial when the court of appeals reviewed the extenuating factors associated with the first trial.  🔉

8. Despite my late cancellation, the cruise line is giving me a full refund due to my extenuating issues. 🔉

9. Even though the jury did not know the extenuating circumstances behind the defendant’s actions, they still gave him a light sentence.  🔉

10. Although the extenuating evidence proved the car wreck was not Jason’s fault, he was still arrested for the incident.  🔉

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