Fingerprint in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Fingerprint

the mark made on something from the tips of the fingers

Examples of Fingerprint in a sentence

After analyzing the fingerprint that was left at the crime scene, Detective Jones determined that it was left by the criminal when he put his naked hand on the table.  🔊

At the police station, the police would take each fingerprint of the criminal by rolling each finger across a screen until it made a copy of it.  🔊

The housewife always had to constantly clean the glass-top table with glass cleaner because she could always see a fingerprint on it since her children always placed their greasy hands on the table.  🔊

Observing the whorls on the fingerprint made the inspector doubt that the crime was committed by Kevin since his prints contained a different pattern.  🔊

It has become easier to find criminals since the fingerprint for each person contains a different pattern.  🔊

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