Torso in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Torso

part of the body from the neck down excluding the limbs

Examples of Torso in a sentence

Since the man’s t-shirt and shorts covered his torso, he decided to get a tattoo so no one could see it through his clothes. 🔊

After working out his torso by doing numerous crunches and chest presses, the man’s midsection ached all day. 🔊

To measure the groom for his suit, the tailor measured across his chest and then down his torso to determine the length of the shirt and top part of the pants. 🔊

In anatomy class, the body’s torso revealed that the man had been cut from his juggler vein to right above his leg.  🔊

Bodybuilders flex their muscles in their torso first and then display their arms and legs muscles to the judges.  🔊

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