Sententious in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Sententious

using few words, often in a preachy manner

Examples of Sententious in a sentence

Because the minister was in a hurry to get home to watch the football game, he gave a sententious sermon about the importance of valuing time.  🔊

The talk show host offended many audience members when he made sententious comments criticizing their beliefs.  🔊

Since Cara believes she is better than everyone else, she frequently makes sententious statements that describe the faults of others.  🔊

The angry politician responded to the media’s question with a sententious remark that made him come across as a jerk.  🔊

Even though Charles is a gifted speaker, his sententious use of language often makes him appear gruff and unwelcoming.  🔊

At the fundraiser, Joe’s sententious remarks were so brief and patronizing that very little money was raised at the event.  🔊

Because Alan hates to speak in public, he normally makes his speeches sententious and to the point.  🔊

The professor’s sententious lecture was so short that students left the classroom complaining about their lack of knowledge.  🔊

Although my sister is only a year older than me, she often speaks in a sententious tone to imply she is much older than she is.  🔊

The critic described the short book of poetry as a sententious collection of a man’s critical views of his neighbor.  🔊

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