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Definition of Gnome

a tiny, make-believe creature that resembles an old man who has a beard and a pointed hat and are seen commonly as terra-cotta figures in gardens

Examples of Gnome in a sentence

Gretta was interested in the tiny little garden gnome whose eyes seemed to follow her through the rows of flowers.  🔊

The couple’s newest lawn figurine is a bearded gnome with a pointed hat and a cheeky grin.  🔊

Myths say that a forest gnome will rarely come into contact with man, but instead spend his days hiding in an old garden.  🔊

Though he appears to be much taller, the old gnome is only fifteen centimeters tall without his hat.  🔊

Legend says that the gnome lived in a hilly meadow and although he looked like an old man, the little creature was seven times stronger than any human.  🔊

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