Poltergeist in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Poltergeist

an unseen ghost which makes noises and causes disruption, especially by causing physical objects to move or fly about

Examples of Poltergeist in a sentence

Fearing the poltergeist would keep her up all night with his howling and scary noises, the girl wore earplugs to bed. 🔊

Even though the poltergeist had never hurt a soul, his loud wailing scared off all of the new owners. 🔊

He was quite shy for a poltergeist, he rarely wailed or made noises like the other ghosts. 🔊

The girl screamed in terror as she saw the poltergeist throw the chair across the room. 🔊

Staying up watching scary movies was a bad decision as she dreamed of strange noises coming from haunting poltergeist. 🔊

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