Gruel in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Gruel

a thin, runny version of porridge made by boiling oats in water or milk that is usually considered unpleasant

Examples of Gruel in a sentence

Though it looked disgusting, the starving man knew better than to pass up a bowl of gruel.  🔊

The baby bear set a trap with a runny bowl of gruel so that next time Goldilocks stole his food she would regret it.  🔊

Breakfast in the poor home consisted of thin gruel made from oats and water.  🔊

Tired of eating gruel three times a day, the boy hunted for some vegetables to make a much tastier soup.  🔊

The hungry children slopped up the bowl of cold gruel, their hungry stomachs making them ignore how unpleasant the taste was.  🔊

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