Heads-up in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Heads-up

to caution or forewarn beforehand

Examples of Heads-up in a sentence

When the weatherman saw an approaching tornado to the town, he gave a heads-up to the citizens to seek shelter immediately. 🔊

While leaving first period algebra class, the kids gave a heads-up to their friends about a pop quiz the teacher would be giving to her fourth period algebra class. 🔊

The manager provided a heads-up to his employees that they may need to find other employment because there will be several layoffs soon. 🔊

As the mother heard her child wailing, that was a heads-up to call 9-1-1 since her child only cried when he was extremely injured. 🔊

The phone call came to the girl as a heads-up since her enemy was coming over to her house to fight her. 🔊

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