Retinue in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Retinue

an important person’s entourage or staff

Examples of Retinue in a sentence

The president’s retinue includes a publicist, an assistant, and eight bodyguards. 🔊

When the rapper travels, he utilizes two tour buses to cater to the staff that composes his retinue.  🔊

The principal and his retinue of teachers will be monitoring the bus lanes each morning. 🔊

Because the singer is such a difficult person, she finds it hard to keep a retinue to help manage her affairs.  🔊

The arrogant queen insisted that members of her retinue never make eye contact with her.  🔊

When the actress and her retinue arrive, they will require twelve hotel rooms.  🔊

The mob boss never goes anywhere without his retinue of soldiers.  🔊

To support the growing school population, the district is seeking to increase its retinue of teachers.  🔊

A member of the politician’s retinue chased me away when I tried to ask the elected official a question.  🔊

Last night, the famous basketball player and his retinue spent hours at a private table in the club’s VIP room.  🔊

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