Illegality in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Illegality

an act that is prohibited by law

Examples of Illegality in a sentence

One illegality that we are all familiar with is murder, but some people seem to forget that littering and loitering are crimes as well.  🔊

Stealing is just one illegality in a list of many that our country has, but unlike some crimes it may only result in a fine the first time.  🔊

If you commit an illegality in our country, you had best be prepared to pay the price in either fines or jail time.  🔊

You do not have to suffer any consequence for an illegality if you are not caught by the police, but very few people escape the arms of justice for long.  🔊

Downloading movies and games from the internet without paying for them is an illegality, but few people are ever punished for this crime.  🔊

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