Impractical in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Impractical

not reasonable because it is unlikely to happen

Examples of Impractical in a sentence

Even though his son was very smart, it was impractical for the father to believe his son could learn quantum physics while in kindergarten.  🔊

Since I had a low D at midterm, an impractical thought entered my mind that I could still make an A by the end of the term even though there was only one small grade left.  🔊

Chef Wilcox knew the impractical recipe would never win the top prize at the county fair since combining fish and cheese was a stigma in the culinary world.  🔊

An impractical idea popped into my head that I could dunk a basketball into a regulation basketball goal even though my height is less than five feet tall.  🔊

The curt fashion designer always spoke her mind to someone who was wearing an impractical white outfit after Labor Day.  🔊

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