Ineluctable in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Ineluctable

impossible to alter

Examples of Ineluctable in a sentence

Lee has the irritating habit of arguing his opinions as ineluctable facts.  🔊

Perhaps there is no hope for Jerry because even after a year in rehab his drug addiction seems ineluctable.  🔊

As I listened to the paralyzed soldier speak, I was moved by his ineluctable spirit.  🔊

So many women try to fight the ineluctable aging process by having cosmetic surgery.  🔊

After Janet lost her husband in a tragic car wreck, she could not escape the ineluctable nightmares of the event.  🔊

Because our nanny has helped raise all of our children, she is an ineluctable part of our family.  🔊

Even though Jim promised to stop seeing other women, Ellen refused to budge from her ineluctable decision to divorce him.  🔊

Always think before you speak because some words are ineluctable and cannot be taken back or changed.  🔊

When the governor refused to halt the execution, the prisoner realized his fate was ineluctable.  🔊

It was ineluctable that I became ill after being stranded in the snow for several hours.  🔊

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