Engross in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Engross

to completely capture attention or focus

Examples of Engross in a sentence

Hopefully the plastic keys will engross the crying baby for a while.  🔊

If the appetizers do not engross the food critic, he will probably pass on our entrées.  🔊

The critic gave the movie a poor review because it failed to engross his concentration.  🔊

Since football does not engross Alan, he never watches any of the games.  🔊

Because I typically hate science fiction movies, I do not expect this Mars’ thriller to engross me.  🔊

With dark story lines and dreadful murder plots, these crime books will engross you to the very last page.  🔊

The web series makes a thriller that will engross you to the last episode.  🔊

I was skeptical that the dancers of could engross an audience large enough to fill the arena, yet they do it so very well.  🔊

At the clothing store, the salespeople tend to engross in conversation and pay no attention to customers.  🔊

The downtown café is a nice place to catch up with a few friends, browse the web, or engross yourself with a book.  🔊

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