Intersection in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Intersection

a place where two or more paths meet, typically in reference to roads

Examples of Intersection in a sentence

Because two different roads meet at this intersection, they form a cross that provides four different directions for a driver to travel.  🔊

At a busy intersection, drivers must take turns to continue on one of the roads, since many cars are approaching the intersection from all direction.  🔊

Though we expect an intersection in America to have stop lights to direct the traffic, these traffic busy crossroads often have no such safety measures in India.  🔊

The dirt path I walk to school every day eventually crosses paths with another road, forming an intersection that looks like the letter T.  🔊

In the sense that we are all walking our own path in life, you come to an intersection every time you meet another person, with your paths crossing one another.  🔊

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