Malaise in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Malaise

a feeling of general bodily discomfort, fatigue or unpleasantness

Examples of Malaise in a sentence

Jason knew he was getting ill because of the malaise he had been experiencing for a few days.  🔊

Since Barbara felt the malaise was interfering with her daily life, she scheduled a doctor’s appointment.  🔊

Many citizens who live near the contaminated lake are complaining of a malaise that keeps them bedridden.  🔊

Even after the physician performed an examination, he was still unable to determine the factor causing his patient’s malaise.  🔊

After his dog died, the lonely old man experienced malaise for several months.  🔊

Taking vitamins each day may put an end to the malaise that is making you feel so tired.  🔊

When our boss announced upcoming salary cuts, many people in our office complained of malaise and job dissatisfaction.  🔊

Weeks before his heart attack, Jim kept mentioning how he was experiencing malaise and not feeling like his normal self.  🔊

On Valentine’s Day, many single women complain of malaise and loneliness.  🔊

After her divorce, Kate experienced malaise that worsened when her ex-husband remarried.  🔊

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