Meritorious in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Meritorious

deserving of rewards or praise

Examples of Meritorious in a sentence

Of all his achievements, winning the gold medal was definitely his most meritorious.  🔊

Having gotten an “A” in all of his classes, the teenager felt he had proven himself meritorious.  🔊

Though he had not won first place, he felt his efforts were still meritorious.  🔊

The child handed his father a drawing he had done in crayon, hoping it was meritorious.  🔊

Everyone wants their work to be meritorious, but many fall short due to lack of effort.  🔊

For someone running their first marathon, simply finishing is meritorious.  🔊

Getting first place is certainly meritorious, but many argue that mere honorable mention is not.  🔊

Though he won the fight, his many advantages made him feel less than meritorious.  🔊

Having led his team to another victory, the coach could not help but feel meritorious.  🔊

Though not his most meritorious performance, the musician was proud to hear the applause of his fans.  🔊

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