Mesosphere in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Mesosphere

an area between two layers in the Earth’s atmosphere where it gets colder as the elevation increases

Examples of Mesosphere in a sentence

In the mesosphere the alien spaceship recorded the increasing temperatures every few minutes in this layer as it came closer to Earth.  🔊

Humans could not travel into the mesosphere even in a spaceship since it can get as cold at negative 200 degrees Fahrenheit at the furthest distance from the Earth.  🔊

Since the mesosphere is too cold to survive, NASA will frequently only send its spacecraft to the neighboring Earth’s stratosphere.  🔊

As technology increases, rockets and higher tech aircrafts are becoming capable of entering the mesosphere since they can endure lower and lower temperatures as they travel through it.  🔊

When you enter the mesosphere, you will experience the coldest temperatures of the Earth’s atmosphere but it will get colder the further you travel into this layer.  🔊

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